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Flannery Construction has an exciting opening for an experienced Field Superintendent. This full-time position provides the opportunity to apply your exceptional managerial skills and carpentry knowledge in new construction, renovation, commercial and multi-family residential. The successful candidate will have significant work experience in these settings.

REPORTS TO: Project Manager

SUMMARY OF JOB DUTIES: Work with project managers, owners, architects and inspectors to complete projects on time and budget, meeting Company quality and safety standards for employees and on site vendors. Maintain a safe and positive work environment on site consistent with the Company values. Keep Project Managers informed of all aspects of projects and activities.


Safety Program

  • Work with Project Managers to implement Flannery Construction’s Safety Policies and to ensure safe and healthy working conditions for all employees at every job site.
  • Hold weekly Safety meetings on the job site, including subcontractors at least once per month.
  • Document agenda and attendance.
  • Respond to employee or subcontractor safety violations on the job site in accordance with Safety Policies.
  • Document all actions.

General Job Supervision

  • Contribute to the success of Flannery Construction by maintaining Company values, treating all people with respect, and maintaining quality standards in your work.
  • Work directly with project managers, field foremen, owners, architects, and inspectors to attain orderly job completion and to complete project on time and budget.
  • Assure that client expectations are consistent with bid and scope of work. Work to maintain high customer satisfaction.
  • Read blueprints; be informed on code issues and keep up to date on changes; implement security measures on site.
  • Know jobs and roles of all on site personnel. Delegate authority to key Flannery Construction personnel; keep Field Foreman apprised so when Superintendent is unavailable, work at the job site can continue.
  • Supervise FC employees and subcontractors.
  • Participate in on-site physical activity that would benefit the job (e.g., put on your tool belt) when time permits on all jobs.
  • Assure punch list and inspections are completed.
  • Keep Project Manager informed of all aspects of projects and activities.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Estimates, Bids, Ordering, Scheduling

  • Work with Project Managers as requested on estimates and bids.
  • Work with Project Managers as requested to find best prices and order material in a cost-effective manner. Communicate about any special products needed on job.
  • Schedule FC manpower/subcontractors/tools for jobs. Secure tools on job site.
  • Plan and schedule day-to-day operations.
  • Assist Project Managers in procuring costs from subcontractor for changes in work scope.

Reports, Meetings & Documentation

  • Attend construction meetings with Project Manager to review budget, work strategies, job progress and outcomes. Determine corrective course of action if job not on budget/schedule.
  • Attend construction meetings with Project Managers, owner, architect, owner’s rep, subcontractors; report on progress of job and anticipated timelines.
  • Keep accurate records of job, e.g., time cards, dailies, invoices, drawings, change orders, etc. Assist
  • Project Managers in bidding and documenting change orders. Assist with change order summaries. All standard FC paperwork and forms will be used.

Evaluation & Training

  • Evaluate workers’ behavior and skill levels using standard company format and paperwork.
  • Work with employees to improve their skills.
  • Train Flannery Construction personnel as appropriate.
  • Identify your own needs for training and seek out appropriate training opportunities.

Flannery Construction has served the Twin Cities metropolitan area and western Wisconsin for 40 years. Since the company was founded in 1980, we have been committed to working together with our clients and key stakeholders to building strong communities – one project at a time.

We offer a full range of services with expertise in all sectors of the construction industry. Areas of focus are Multi-Family Housing, Commercial, Renovation, Historic, Restaurants, Healthcare, Public/Non-profit and Sustainable/Green. Flannery Construction is a woman owned and led company.

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